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Serenity in Sahyadri Plantation

The goal of Sahyadri Ayurveda is to advance Ayurveda, an age-old Indian medical practice. Our focus has been on cultivating and employing medicinal plants in the Sahyadri Eco Plantation to create herbal products that promote overall wellness.









Ready to Restore Harmony in Your Mind, Body, and Spirit?

The aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to restore balance and harmony through a holistic approach that encompasses various aspects of an individual’s life, herbal remedies, detoxification, meditation, and more.

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Tea Plantation

High-quality tea leaves are grown in the famed Sahyadri tea farms. These characteristics, in addition to altitude and environment, give Sahyadri Tea their peculiar flavors, which make them highly sought-after for their unusual flavor and well-being properties.

Cardamom Plantation

We grow cardamom, a prized spice. The cardamom pods produced by our plantations are of superior grade and are prized for their culinary and fragrant qualities. Because of cardamom’s therapeutic qualities, we use it in a variety of herbal preparations.

Coffee Plantation

The Sahyadri range and the Western Ghats are well-known for their coffee plantations. Coffee extracts can be included in Sahyadri Ayurvedic remedies, utilizing the stimulant and antioxidant qualities of coffee to promote wellness.

Pepper Plantation


The Sahyadri region is home to the cultivation of pepper, another spice that has both culinary and medical applications. Sahyadri Ayurveda formulas may contain pepper due to its possible health advantages, such as its digestive and anti-inflammatory qualities.


 All things considered, Sahyadri Ayurveda makes use of the abundant biodiversity of our region to grow and prepare a variety of herbs and spices, producing a line of Ayurvedic goods meant to enhance health and well-being.




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